McDonald’s Writer Ad. Storytelling Fail?

McDonald’s recently commissioned a story-styled 90 second spot entitled “Writer”.

The ad  was created by TBWA Madrid and produced by Agosto in an attempt to engage audiences and build the brand in a digitally connected age.

The story is of an older female writer who frequents a McDonald’s store on a daily basis.  She appears to have a crush on a teenage till worker (stalkerish behavior?). Watch.

Why McDonald’s Attempt at Brand Storytelling -in this instance- is a Fail

Telling a brand story is not a fad.  If not done properly it can backfire. The key factor in the success or failure of a brand story is its connection with the brand’s values.

In my opinion, McDonald’s failed here.  There is no connection with any of the brand’s traditional values (family, good service, fast food, etc). Or if there is, I don’t see it.

In the immortal words of David Ogilvy:

A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself.

While there’s no doubt the story is very well told, it completely contradicts what the McDonald’s Brand stands for.

Viewers are left remembering the story but not the brand.

Do you agree/disagree?  Discuss below.


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