More Brilliant Adjacent Stories from P&G: ‘Here’s to Dad’

Gillette: here's to dad

Gillette’s “Here’s to Dad” commercial got my attention this fathers day weekend.

As a proud father to a 7 year old boy and a 12 year old girl, the ad moved me. It inspired me. I totally got it.

It’s a brilliant follow-up to the tear-jerking P&G ad honoring mums. It’s also another fantastic example of adjacent storytelling.

Most consumers (especially dads) can completely relate to it.  The ad is “a tribute to dads who have coached us, supported us and shared their wisdom with us through the years”.  How can you not agree?

Here are more reasons why I classify this campaign as a success:

  • It’s timely (Fathers Day and Olympics).
  • It’s hosted on a slick and beautifully branded YouTube channel.
  • It uses the emotional trigger in viral advertising  (received over 550,000 views on YouTube in just a few days!).
  • They own the “Dad” conversation by inviting viewers to visit the Gillette Facebook page to share the best advice received from  dad.
  • They’re also promoting a fairly active  #HerestoDad HashTag also continuing the conversation on Twitter.

The story-styled ad (brought to us by the talented folks at BBDO NY),  features 3 of the 25 athletes sponsored by Gillette for the Olympics; Ryan Lochte, Tyson Gay and Roger Federer

Enjoy, and a very happy belated fathers day! :)

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  • ZimbaZumba

    No, this is half arsed 30 secs quickly cobbled together response to the criticism P&G got for ignoring Dads with their Mom’s campaign. This 30secs came and went like a flash on the TV whilst the Mom’s Ad started well before Mothers Day and will play during the Olympics.

    • Omar Kattan

      Dads always seem to get the short end of the stick ;-) However, if I were P&G I’d probably also focus on mums, they do make up the bulk of the audience and lets face it, they’re worth the fuss :) Thanks for your input Zimba.