Adjacent Storytelling from Estrella: The Summercat Ad

Estrella Summercat Advert

Estrella is a Spanish Pilsner with a story to tell.  A story of summer love.

The brand launched in the UK in the Spring of 2012 with a cracking 90+ second story-styled ad. The backdrop:  The ideal summer vacation of a handsome tourist building a relationship with 2 beautiful girls he met while on the trip (a Greace prequel on Steroids if you will).

The brilliance of this ad lies in the selection of the perfect summer song used in the background, Billie the Vision & the Dancers- Summercat.



The use of this type of advertising by Estrella is genius.  They managed to associate their beer with fun in the sun, happiness and summer romance; basically, all elements of the perfect vacation.

Beer brands should learn a lesson or two from Estrella’s strategy.  It’s a brilliant  use of storytelling to sell, not only beer, but also a lifestyle.  Well done to Estrella Damm and their advertising team for spot on use of storytelling in advertising.

A few tips:

  • Take it to the next level.  Involve your audience.  Ask them to submit their stories.
  • Follow-up with more of the same.  The audience is obviously lapping it up.
  • Make the experience real. Sponsor beach events and get the band in the ad (and similar bands) to play at these events.
  • Build up your social following.  It’s lacking.  You’ve got the platform, now use it.
  • Segment your social profiles and also communicate in English. Not everyone speaks Spanish 🙂

All in all a massive storytelling win.  Keep up the fantastic work.

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