The Best Night Ever: A Hair Care Story By You

Earlier this year, Unilever launched their Clear hair care brand in what I consider brilliant use of social TV technology.

In a nutshell, they empowered viewers of a story-styled advert to chart their own path to “the Best Night Ever”.

Try it for yourself…

Spreading the Brand Message & Owning the Conversation

Besides the fact that the owner of this technology is a friend of mine, I believe this campaign is brilliant for various other reasons:

  1. It empowers consumers to help tell the brand story (the source of great hair lies in the root/scalp).
  2. It allows bespoke stories to be shared with friends – spreading the message even further.
  3. It provides Unilever with a platform to host the “Best Night Ever” conversation.

The Social Beast is Hungry – Feed it Stories

Point #3 above is key.

Through this campaign, Unilever was able to latch on to a strategic topic that provides ongoing engaging social content that feeds the social beast all year round.


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