ShipServ Pages – The Movie: B2B Storytelling to Fill The Funnel

Shipserv- the Rex storyI’m impressed with Shipserv. They’ve taken it upon themselves to become the go to authority for shipping organisations.

The Background on Shipserv

Shipserve is a B2B e-marketplace for the maritime shipping industry. They help buyers and sellers of shipping supplies and equipment reduce the costs of doing business together.

In 2008 the 30,000 strong Shipserv community conducted a staggering $1bn in trade across 90 countries.

Storytelling to Simplify The Message & Accelerate Customer Acquisition

Shipserv sells a technologically advanced product to a skeptical audience highly resistant to change.

To simplify their message, they used storytelling to accelerate the drive of prospects into their sales funnel.

According to John Watton, CMO of Shipserv:

“We needed a way to break the ice [and] to show suppliers the power of online marketing. We went low-tech with the stop-motion video and created Rex, a spareparts supplier, hero and modern-day everyman.”

Watch the hard-hitting, edgy tale of one man’s struggle against the crushing indifference of the global shipping market.

The Shipserv story shows Rex (also a shipserve customer) as a hero who overcame all the odds to succeed.

The Results Speak for Themselves

Shipserv customers can relate to Rex, spare parts supplier, hero and modern-day Everyman, trying to grow his business.

Watch this brief video of Shipserv customers’ glowing testimonials.


Here’s what John Watton had to say about their storytelling strategy.

“By making a complex message manageable and easily
digested, we’ve driven people into our funnel at a faster rate.”

Now Over to You.

What do you think of Shipserv’s use of story to communicate to a skeptical audience?  Does it inspire you to implement storytelling techniques in your B2B marketing strategy?  Share your thoughts below…

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