Logitech’s New Office Stories: Identifiable Characters Sell

Logitech Buyer Personas

I love going to the movies. Some flicks are better than others, the good ones being when I can relate to the characters.

Even with the best script and storyline,  if I can’t relate to the character in one form or another, I will go out thinking this was a waste of my time.

Good commercials follow the same rules.  The characters are your buyers/customers/clients;  making them identifiable will determine the effectiveness of your brand communication.

Ultimately,  if your customers can’t relate to your brand characters they will not buy your product or service.

Logitech’s 2011 “New Office” campaign has identifiable characters.

The Logitech “New Office” Campaign

Logitech is a computer peripherals brand.

In 2011 Chad Thompson, their worldwide B2B Marketing Director, and Joe McCormack their Creative VP at Doremus, eloquently expressed the new spirit of the Logitech B2B brand in a web video campaign entitled the “New Office”

The BIG Idea

Ubiquitous connectivity and global mobility have changed the concept of the traditional workplace.  An office can now exist anywhere/anytime including a home, a local coffee shop and even on a busy underground train.

Logitech’s B2B offering provides solutions that enable the full funcationality of an office wherever it may be; the idea of “The New Office” was born.


“Welcome to The New Office. Tools designed for the Anywhere Workplace.”

The Execution

Logitech launched a video web series of story-styled ads providing a glimpse in the life of various fictitious Logitech customers including the Office Diva and the Busy Dad.  Watch.

[uds-billboard name=”logitech-new-office”]

Insider Views on The Campaign

Chad Thompson, worldwide B2B marketing director at Logitech

“The idea of the new office speaks to most companies and their workforces. It perfectly reflects the evolving nature of how we work today, and reminds businesses why Logitech is more relevant today to their business than ever before.”

Garrett Lawrence, Managing Director of Doremus San Francisco

“The products that appeal to us as consumers also appeal to us at work. Now that work extends outside the office into many facets of our lives, Logitech bridges that gap, creating a better computing experience through enhanced touch, sight and sound.”

Why Do I love Logitech’s “New Office” Campaign?

Besides the fact that it utilises storytelling techniques, here are a few more reasons why I admire this campaign.

  • I was able to identify with at least one of the characters in the ads (the father).
  • The focus of the campaign is on the storyline and the customers, not the product.
  • Product placement is un-obtrusive, the products are naturally woven into the storyline.
  • The stories are relevant globally and the content can easily be localised.
  • They follow the campaign with real life stories solidifying their role as the small business authority

I’ll be covering the topic of buyer personas in more details in future blog posts but I hope the above gives you a flavour of the importance of buyer persona development in your ad campaigns.

Now Over to You

What do you think of Logitech’s “New Office” Campaign? Has it inspired you to think more about developing your buyers’ personas?  Share your thoughts below…


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