Women Riders: Harley Davidson as a Storytelling Platform

In a previous post I  wrote about  the legend that is Harley Davidson.  I wrote about how it achieved cult status but also how it’s struggling online.  That was back in June.

In my closing remarks I wrote:

Harley Davidson can do better online.  They must find a better strategy to leverage the brand’s heritage for a more powerful online presence.  This can only be accomplished if they make better use of their history and heritage to produce more enticing content that is readily shared by a new target audience. Alternatively, they must empower the customers to tell their Harley stories.

Only then can they hope to attract a new generation of enthusiasts and maintain the brand’s cult status for generations to come.

Since then, I’ve been following them on Facebook and Twitter and must say, I’ve been pleasantly surprised; they’re finally getting their act together.

What prompted me to write this follow-up post is an update I saw on Facebook.

harley women rider stories

Harley Davidson as a storytelling platform is spot on

Harley Davidson have provided a storytelling platform for women riders. They remind us about Harley’s heritage in supporting female bikers and invite women riders to submit their stories. Perfect!

By hosting the conversation, Harley have solidified their position as the undisputed authority on riding, and in this case specifically, women riders.

Leveraging User generated content

Harley Davidson have tapped into a gold mine, user generated content (UGC).  UGC is the best type of content for many reasons:

  1. It’s SEO friendly – it generates lots of natural long-tail traffic and links.
  2. It’s social – users love to share their content (especially if it’s hosted by a cult brand such as H-D).
  3. It adds credibility and humanity to the brand – most importantly,  it builds loyalty.

My further two pence

Just a small tip, allow for multimedia storytelling, maybe team up with Storify?  The stories can then become portable, spreading your message even further.

Well done Harley, my faith is restored!


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