Taking the Dive [Rite] Into Content Marketing

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll know how much I like to harp on about brands needing to “own their conversation”. Till this day, it still baffles me to see how many brands completely miss out on this golden opportunity.

In most cases it’s the older more established brands that seem to fall into this category, mainly due to the fact that they’re more risk averse.

Sometimes it takes a smaller company to show traditional well established ones how to build a brand in a new age. Storytelling is at the heart of it and Dive Rite is one such company.

The Dive Rite Story

Established in 1984 by two underwater cave explores and diving instructors, the Florida-based company calls itself “the first technical dive gear company in existence.”

During the early days, Dive Rite’s model was similar to most retail outfits around at the time, primarily to sell Scuba products.

However, the company wanted to offer more to divers. Content was the answer.

Dive Rite decided to establish itself as the “definitive resource” of information for the technical SCUBA gear cusotmer.

They launched a blog, an instructional video channel and an FAQ tool called the “Solution Finder.”

Narrating The Scuba Story


A very important part of Dive Rite’s strategy was a brilliant piece of content they called the historical timeline. It was basically the story of the Scuba industry from its humble beginning to where it is today.

The timeline takes readers through the early days of underwater cave exploration up to today’s technical advances.

The launch of Dive Rite is placed into the story thereby solidifying their role as the ultimate authority in this niche.

Owning the Conversation

Dive Rite is one example of a brand that took the initiative to own the conversation.  There are many other good examples out there.  If you’re a brand owner selling a product or a service in a new age, ask your self this question:   Do you really know what you’re selling?

Over to you…

What do you think of Dive Rite’s strategy?  Did it inspire you to own the conversation in your niche?  Have you done anything similar in your field?  Share your thoughts, experiences and advice…

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