The Tide Story: Storytelling to Reinforce Market Leadership

Procter and Gamble recently shared a video on Linkedin entitled Tide: The birth of an icon. The story-styled video reinforces Tide’s position as market leader…

From mysterious “Product X” in the 1930s, to PODS today, join us on an amazing journey through the history of Tide detergent—from its birth, to its innovation firsts all along the way—which have made it a household name today.

The Story of “Product X

Tide’s story began in the 1930s, when a group of P&G scientists were quietly working on a mysterious cleaning agent they believed had great potential as a heavy-duty synthetic detergent. Behind closed doors, it was known as Product X.

But after 200,000 hours of slow, painstaking tests to get the formula right, they couldn’t make it work. One by one, all of the scientists were reassigned to other projects, and were instructed to abandon their heavy-duty detergent research.

One man refused to walk away from Product X.

Watch the full story and Tide’s beginnings, and history of firsts.

Why a storytelling execution works

The laundry detergent market is massive and extremely competitive.   Margins are dwindling and USPs alone no longer sell the product.

Tide - Story of Firsts

The use of storytelling in brand communication by P&G is spot on. They tell us their story of firsts to reinforce their market leadership:

  • The first detergent to advertise on TV
  • The first to provide new samples inside washing machines
  • The first US detergent to be formulated with enzymes to thoroughly breakdown protein and carbohydrate stains
  • The first without perfumes
  • The first detergent with colour-safe bleach
  • The first compact powder and liquid detergent

Nicely done P&G.  Yet another example of storytelling brilliance to support your brands.

Over to you…

Are you inspired by P&G’s storytelling strategy to reinforce their market leadership?  How do you reinforce your brand’s market position? Share your views…

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