Charity Water: The Brand Story That Launched A Global Movement

Some brands are destined for greatness.  Charity water is one of them.

According to Scott Harrison (founder):

“The dictionary defines charity as simply the act of giving voluntarily to those in need. It’s taken from the word “caritas,” or simply, love. In Colossians 3, the Bible instructs readers to “put on charity, which is the bond of perfectness.”

Although I’m still not sure what that means, I love the idea. To wear charity.”

The Amazing Story of Charity Water

and now watch this recent  interview with Scott  to see how his back story influenced the birth of the brand…

The Charity Water story is Scott’sown personal brand story; they’re one and the same.

The brand’s aura is derived from Scott’s unyielding commitment and  passion for his cause. You can hear it in his voice.  His voice is the Charity Water brand voice.  This is how new age brands are born.

According to Scott:

“For me, charity is practical. It’s sometimes easy, more often inconvenient, but always necessary. It’s the ability to use one’s position of influence, relative wealth and power to affect lives for the better. charity is singular and achievable.”

Need I say more?

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