The Storytelling APE (Book Review)

After his release of Enchantment, Guy’s publisher, could not fill an order of 500 ebook copies of the book.

The customer had a hard and troublesome experience getting these 500 copies for an event they were organising. This experience led him to self-publish his next book ‘What the Plus’.

Guy learned how complex self-publishing was. Co-written with Shawn Welch, APE allows people to take control of their writing, bypassing the confusing and idiosyncratic process.

Author, Publisher and Entrepreneur (APE) allows results that rival those of traditional publishing.

Enhancing Your Personal Brand

When it comes to personal branding it doesn’t come any better than having a book to your name. A book that adds value and personal insight to your area of expertise. Making sure your motivations are true to the benefit of the industry.

Building your personal brand story isn’t easy. But having written a book -a book of value I might add- will give you so much more credibility and shows off your expertise in a particular area.

“Influence is Leadership. Leadership is Influence.” – John Maxwell

If you provide value with your personal brand then you gain trust. Build enough trust and you’re well on your way to developing influence which is natural leadership, not positional.

If your thinking about self publishing a book, you may already consider yourself an Author, Publisher or Entrepreneur. Getting a better insight to one of the other sections will be a no brainer.

Worried of the stigma? APE shows the pros and cons of traditional and artisanal publishing. Handing you the answers, allowing you to choose what’s best.

The book itself takes you on a journey from Author, to Publisher and finally the skills required from Entrepreneurship. APE sets the story by showing the conflicts that each area faces with tips to over coming them, and if you buy the eBook (highly recommended) there is access to over 400 links with a simple click.

Having written 16 books in total, the duo Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch have perfectly positioned themselves to guide new authors.


APE assumes you have the Author area covered. Although, it also provides tips and useful resources to other books if you need help on getting started.

The duo have coined the phrase Artisanal publishing – for authors who craft their books and have complete control over the entire process.

Guy asks us not to rename the industry of ‘self-publishing’ but to identify those who do lovingly create their books of quality and add value to others.


This area was crucial for me having very little knowledge. Asking questions such as What file format should I publish with? What Software should I use? Its much more complicated than I originally thought.

Addressing this area with tables showing platforms such as Amazon Kindle, Apple iBookstore with compatible formats. Allowed me to understand and plan how best to approach publishing my digital book.

Do you distribute via digital, author services companies, print on demand? APE is filled with essential content which is to the point and clear.

What about costs and pricing? Sounds like a minefield but the duo gives essential tips on all these areas. Which is invaluable.

“The more I learned about self-publishing, the more I realized that we could of written a book about Amazon alone” – Guy Kawasaki, Shawn Welch

Its true to read this quote, for a self publisher Amazon holds the keys to the gate of the world. With this in mind the authors cover so much of the Amazon services.

I feel very confident in approaching this area with details on the different distribution services.


With marketing tips and pitches.

This book should be on the shelf of every Author, Publisher and Entrepreneur not to mention anyone whom uses social media (which is everyone!). With chapters that cover ‘How to Comment and Respond on Social Media’. With reasons to comment and reply. Everyone can learn and improve an area of everyday life.

APE goes beyond what you would expect, with an insight to ‘How To Share’ on social media. This chapter shows you approaches to take, to overviews of social media networks and Guy’s recommendations too. I’d even go as far to say that the areas discussed in ‘How to Share’ and ‘ How to Comment and Respond’ that could have its own book. Improving the value, content and communities for all of us.

“Remember your a Guest in someone’s home.” – Guy Kawasaki

APE takes you on a personal journey; one that allows you to write, publish and market your book.

All in all I believe that Guy Kawaksi and Shawn Welch have created a little gem out of the problems that they have faced spanning their sixteen books. Whats more is that this book should be read for all the tips, techniques but also for the amount of fantastic external links.

So if you’re looking to write your first book or in the process this short but insightful book should be on your read-list.

You can pre-order APE here. Released 10th December 2012.

So whats stopping you tell your personal brand story?


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