Purina ONE: Because Pet Stories Also Need to Be Told…

Last week, CMI sent around this deck with 58 examples of social media brilliance.

One example that caught my eye… how Purina ONE uses Facebook.

Pet brand Purina ONE tells pet stories to stand out on Facebook.

They use longer posts, supplemented with pictures that tell compelling stories.  The posts are well written and inspire engagement from their fans. Each piece of content is highly relevant to the brand’s audience.

Their posts garner thousands of likes and ignite passionate conversations. They’ve tapped into the emotion trigger to host the conversation and own a lucrative content niche.   Brilliant.

PurinaOne FB Page

Content Marketing Brilliance:

A quick visit to the Purina ONE site shows them active in various content marketing initiatives including creating a fan guide to finding lost pets  and writing pieces such as What’s stressing out your cat?

“Partnering with like-minded publications”

Purina ONE have also taken it upon themselves to back and support “like-minded” publications that support good causes.  Specifically, they’ve sponsored a hub on the GOOD.is website, aligning their brand with causes that compliment their own brand story with that of  similar initiatives.

Here’s what they say about this partnership…

“We’re joining forces to launch a new hub that’s all about pets: GOOD.is/pets. In the coming weeks we’ll be constantly adding new things to celebrate the goodness of pets, help pet owners connect with one another, and do more good for the world.”

Best Practices for Using Facebook as a Storytelling Platform

Using Facebook as a storytelling platform allows brands to connect with their audience in a place where they feel comfortable.  Here are a few best practices to follow to ensure that this engagement works well for your brand.

  • Define the components of your story; the characters, the setting, the plot, the conflict, and the resolution.
  • Use multimedia to supplement your narrative and to provide an immersive experience.
  • Ensure your brand has a consistent tone of voice across all posts (think story narrator).
  • Keep the conversation going by asking a question and promptly answering and liking comments (as necessary).
For inspiration, ‘Like’ Purina ONE on Facebook and see how they’re doing it.  Well done guys!

Over to you…

Have you used Facebook as a Storytelling platform?  Has it worked for you?  Share your experience…

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