A Bitter Sweet Christmas

Brand Stories X-Mas Message

This is a bitter sweet Christmas for me.

On the one hand, I can’t be with my two kids during this very special time of year.  They’re in London with their mom and I’m out here in sunny Dubai building and co-running content marketing agency. (Bitter)

On the other hand, I’m out here in sunny Dubai building and co-running a new age brand communications agency! (Sweet)

To celebrate #Christmas story-style, I created this short video about a stick boy on a mission to put a star on top of a tree (a role I proudly assumed until my recent divorce last year).  More on my story here.

This video is dedicated to my two lovely kids.

Jana and Jad, sorry I can’t be with you on Christmas this year.  It hurts.

I love you both very much and hope you enjoy my small dedication…

Every brand (even Christmas) has a story.  Does yours?

Thank you all for making 2012 a brilliant year for Brand Stories. Merry Christmas everyone and a very happy story-filled new year.

Bring on 2013!


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