Coca Cola Polar Bears Get A New Age Makeover

Remember this ad?

and this one from 1993?

In line with their new age storytelling strategy Content 2020,  Coke have revamped their iconic polar bears and gave them a starring role in a new short film.

The 7 minute story brings to life the traditional Polar Bear family in a movie produced by none other than Ridley Scott.


It’s nice to see Coke ditch the hard sell and adopt new age brand building techniques.

Whereas in previous commercials, we saw the bears drinking Coke and overly selling the product, in this one we see no product shots, only the logo at the beginning of the movie and the logo watermark throughout.

The brand communication is filled with traditional wholesome morals with no reference to the actual product.  It’s part of Coke’s new strategy to provide stories that connect people to one another, the brand acts as the platform.  Love it!

This comment from “thesilverw0lf” says it all:

Wow, that was awesome, the animation was fluent and eye-catching and it has a nice story behind it! Bravo!


I love what Coke have done with this piece of content and I (like thesilverwolf) also look forward to more of the same…

Over to you

What do you think of Coke’s Polar Bear story?  Is it in line with their brand communication and values? Share your thoughts…


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