Printing Brands Battle For Storytelling Stake

With TV spots becoming more affordable to smaller brands, there has never been a more important time to tell a story that connects your brand with your audience.

When competition becomes more fierce, the only differentiation is the way your company works, or who works there. How do you separate yourself from competitors who sell the same or a similar product?

The Art of Storytelling is key to any brand’s success.

VistaPrint and are two strong rivals based in the UK that sell similar products, business cards being the one we shall look at in these new commercials.


VistaPrint takes this chance to tell you about them. What their company does and how it can help you from the benefits it provides.

  • Unnatural, Commercial Voice Over
  • Focus on the Products Benefits
  • What you can get by using THEIR product.
  • The Cost of item and Quantity

VistaPrint ticks all the boxes if you wish to have a traditional TV commercial. It has the opening with its target audience. From the URL in the top right corner. To the text clouding the video commercial itself.

We are then interrupted with two new displays of the benefits of purchasing through this company. Then an offer you can get currently. Its very Abrupt to say the least.

If we break down what this video does. There are 3 elements:

  • Natural Authentic Voice Over
  • Thought Leader in his field. Trust, now also associated to
  • What Have THEY (the customer achieved) achieved? do in comparison the opposite of VistaPrint. The commercial opens up around and focuses on the product iteself. Its at the heart of the story. But who tells the story is someone that has used the service. A thought leader, Fraser Doherty of SupaJam.

Instead of showing their face and confusing the thought leader in the sale. The voice over informs you who it is and how they achieved alongside a visual representation of the story through, the Product. The flow is consistent and coherent with all aspects of the message. gives a small sense of conflict. Instead of trying to achieve both marketing and sales in one message. They manage their 30 second TV spot with focusing on the marketing. The conflict is directed at those interested in the product.

Why they should buy from and how they can achieve their dreams by doing so. They do this by giving the name of the brand the story is around the product itself ‘business cards’ and the conflict is for those watching interested in this service to seek them out.

The major difference in these messages?

Other than the more aesthetically pleasing video that provides the message is unassuming as if you were having a conversation.

Whilst VistaPrint does not differentiate itself from other commercials there fore not cutting through other push messages.

Focus on the story, the way your product can solve the audiences problem. How can you tell it in a creative manner that will not come across as push marketing but be pleasant to watch.

In a noisy and cluttered world. The Attention your message receives needs comes down to having your audience actively seek it out. Today success is about the soft sale.

Now we reach the end of this article I would like to ask. Which TV spot resonates with you?


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