The Origin Story Behind Internet Explorer

A few months ago we looked at the Who is Winning The Browser Story Wars. An ever raging war between Google and Microsoft fighting for awareness and users.

We concluded that Google was defeating Microsoft – outright!

Recently I was informed by @AndreCalvo about Internet Explorer’s new attempt at storytelling via their commercials.

I was shocked to say the least. What a fantastic turnaround!

Child of the 90s

This communicates the essence and origin of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

Humanizing the brand, by the voice over and the carefully selected choice of words. Such as ‘we are Gen Y’.  Allows the bigger picture to be not about different segments but working and growing up together. With IE coming pre-installed on PC’s its not surprising that getting the story right and connecting to its audience is crucial for driving these numbers up for likes and views.

The focus is clear. Each section of the video is set up like a presentation with a message of origin with relation to nostalgia.

It’s less of a commercial in selling the experience of the benefits of using Internet Explorer. It’s more about where things have changed. The slow past has been left behind here we have IE and Surface that can tackle all the new habits we face as Gen Y.

Relating the changes for Gen Y from what we did as children to our habits now. With Social media news feed compared to the early computer games getting dysentery. Not being afraid of touching something that would not be acceptable before, death or failure. It doesn’t represent the brand’s products and it adds a human element by association that you can’t always get things right.

‘Lunch was a puzzle not a picture’ – is great comparison of then and now. How things change!

Anyway for all you analytic fiends let the numbers be the deciding factor..

A more beautiful web is…

Views: 1,412,277

Likes: 5,506

Dislike: 2,480

Child of the 90s

Views: 11,472,886

Likes: 61,492

Dislikes: 6,882

The views and the likes show how much more the origin story resonates with their audience than the benefits of the products they have.

‘You grew up, so did we’ – to me this speaks more than just how they have changed the industry and give better performance than previous versions. It says we have learnt that how we communicate has changed. We acknowledge that and we want to be on the same page with you, the customer.

Focus less on the separation of ‘you’ the brand, and ‘them’ your audience.

Less on a hard sale and more visually pleasing. People enjoy nostalgia, the memories attached are great associations to the brand image for this video. Also attaching to feelings, emotions and an idea the commercial is less a commercial but more of a enjoyable video. Which borders entertainment.

Which would you prefer to watch?


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