5 Animation Tools To Help Bring Your Brand Story To Life

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are good you’re well aware of the increasing popularity of content marketing and brand storytelling.

While many social media experts and content marketers are focusing on written content like blog posts, savvy marketers and brand storytellers are turning to visual content creation in increasing numbers.

With options like infographics, memes, and videos available, making an impression and telling your story via visual content could become increasingly difficult.

One way to make a strong impression and better tell your brand story is to include video animation in your content marketing mix . Animated content is highly engaging, offers opportunities for strong brand messaging, and is highly shareable via social media channels.

Here are five startups making waves in the animation niche, try them to see if they can add pizzazz to your brand story.

1. SlickFlick

Based out of London, England, SlickFlick allows users to add animation overlays to their existing files. Available via the iTunes App Store, SlickFlick users can add animations directly over their own images. Business users wishing to increase customer engagement with their product images can utilize SlickFlick to add funny animation elements, captions, or even stickers. These updated images can then be shared via social media in an effort to diversify a brand’s content marketing efforts.

2. Wideo

A member of the 500Startups fall 2012 portfolio of startups, Mountain View, CA’s Wideo allows users to create their very own short animated clips. Users can add animated graphics, images, motions, and even music to their creations. An excellent option for savvy content marketers, Wideo gives brands the opportunity to stand out from the crowd in terms of engaging content. In an online world brimming with written content, a Wideo creation will likely enhance site stickiness while leaving a lasting impression. For content marketing that delivers ongoing readership, Wideo is a must-add option.

3. Cinemagram

Based out of San Francisco, Cinemagram users are able to add animation to existing images. Reminiscent of Twitter’s Vine, Cinemagram creations allow users the opportunity to add unexpected motion to everything from a product image to a staff photo. Available via the iTunes App Store, this handy app is yet another way for content marketers to rise head and shoulders above their competition.

4. PowToon

London, England’s PowToon startup offers users the ability to create their own animated scripts from start to finish. With just about every imaginable embeddable element, PowToon creations are socially shareable and highly engaging. PowToon’s drag and drop interface makes professional animation creation virtually child’s play. This is yet another visual web tool well worth adding to a content marketer’s bag of tricks.

5. Miivies

This Finland based startup gives users the ability to create their own animated videos. Users can utilize the Miivies platform on their own or can connect with professional animators via the Miivies interface. Complete with a Facebook app, Miivies offers users a high-end animation experience without the high-end costs. For content marketers wishing to make a favorable impression, checking out Miivies is another animation option worth considering.

Over to you…

The above are just five animation tools content marketers can use to bring their brand stories to life and make the most out of their visual web efforts. Which tools do you use to tell you brand story, create online buzz and increase customer engagement?


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