If Kodak Re-Launched the Carousel Today…

MadMen Season 6 will soon be upon us.  Being a huge fan of the show, I was inspired to write this post.

Remember the tear-jerking Kodak Carousel pitch scene in Season 1?  If you don’t (shame on you!), here’s a reminder…

This is what the fictional ad looked like in the show…

MadMen Carousel

And, here’s what the original ad actually looked like back in 1962.  Dry, boring, unrelatable characters, no story, just the facts ma’am.

Real Kodak Carousel Ad -1962

If Kodak had to launch the product again in 2013, which version of the ad do you think it would go with?  My bet would be Don Draper’s.

Here’s why…

  1. Brands that communicate by telling stories that resonate with their audience -create nostalgia or establish a sentimental bond with the product as Don puts it- win. Don’s version does that better.
  2. Consumers today relate to and are more loyal to brands that communicate why they do what they do rather than just what they do and how they do it.  Don’s version is better at communicating the “why”.
  3. Brand communication that taps our emotional trigger and pulls at our heart strings gets shared more than communication that simply regurgitates dull facts and figures. Don’s version of the ad is better at doing that.
  4. Odds are that Don’s version of the ad has a higher likelihood of getting parodied/”memed”  and going viral than the original 60’s version.

Watch this Facebook Timeline launch version…

Which version of the ad would you go with today? Don Draper’s or the original? Share your thoughts…

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