Interactive Video: 3 Start-Ups Brand Storytellers Should Consider

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If you’ve decided this is the year you kick your content marketing game up a notch and dabble with interactive storytelling, it just might be time to explore the wonderful world of interactive video.

While utilizing video as part of your content strategy will earn you kudos with your audience, opting for interactive video will have your viewers glued to their seats.

If you are unsure as to where to start, look no further than start-up companies within the interactive video space. Here are 3 you (a savvy brand storyteller) should consider.


Viewbix is a startup based out of Tel Aviv. Their platform allows users to overlay interactive apps on top of video creations. Videos are not hosted on Viewbix. Users can upload their creations to their own websites or blogs, or host them on sites like YouTube or Vimeo.

While creating a Viewbix video, users can add anything from interactive coupons, Constant Contact subscriber forms,  Skype, even QR codes.

Some are dabbling with voting buttons to involve the audience in an interactive brand story.

According to the site:

“More than 20% of the viewers who watch a video in a Viewbix click on the call to action button or engage with at least one of the apps inside the player itself.”

If you are even considering adding video to your content calendar this year, checking out Viewbix is highly recommended.


Volio is a startup based out of San Francisco. Their app allows users to create interactive videos complete with voice recognition. Founded by Mark Anikst, Ronald Croen, and Mohammad Gorjestani,

According to one of its co-founders:

Volio is an interactive storytelling platform that basically feels like a “facetime” or “skype” experience except the person you’re talking to isn’t live.

Volio is already earning media attention thanks to their initial launch in conjunction with Esquire magazine.  Watch:

If you are a content marketer with an audience that likes to be on the forefront of cutting edge technology, adding Volio to your to-do list is a must.


Spreecast offers a completely different take on interactive video. Think of Spreecast like side-by-side interactive video conferencing. Perfect for everything from a one-on-one consultation with a client to live streaming a content marketing seminar, Spreecast takes interactive video to an entirely new level.

Spreecast’s advanced features include the ability to embed external media, pay per view options, as well as the option to create special outtake clips from your Spreecast creations.

Savvy brands are using Spreecast as an interactive corporate storytelling platform to connect with customers, promote special events, announce new product launches and build their social presence in a more meaningful way.

Based out of San Francisco, Spreecast is founded by Jeff Fluhr, Robert Hunt, and Mike Slemmer. Spreecast has already received over 11 million in funding from investors like David Sacks (Yammer), Jeff Richards (GGV Capital), and Ian Bentley (Autobytel).

In Summary

These are just a few of the platforms you can consider if you are thinking of adding interactive video to your marketing strategy.

Standard video is still a wise investment for any marketer wishing to create a lasting impression with their audience. Interactive video just takes the impact of standard video and knocks it into the stratosphere.

Engaging, memorable, and full of impact, interactive video shows your audience you are not afraid to try new technologies.

Whether you decide to start small and embed one of your creations on your blog, or opt for a full-scale media event, adding interactive video to your regular content calendar is a decision you are not likely to regret. Be prepared for the backlash though: your competition might be a little miffed that they did not think of it first!

Over to you…

Do you use interactive video in your content marketing plan?  Which platforms and technologies do you use?  Share below…


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