What Makes For An Exceptional Brand Storyteller?


My first ever post on this site explored the topic of storytelling. Specifically, what makes for a great story?  I chose Andrew Stanton’s brilliant TED Talk to explain.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the question: what makes for an exceptional brand storyteller?

Here’s what I came up with so far….

Exceptional brand storytellers understand that the story is more about the audience than the brand.

Exceptional brand storytellers also…

  • know how to  connect with their audience, understand their prejudices, tastes and in turn, thrill them, titillate them and leave them yearning for more.
  • are students of human behavior.  They understand why we do what we do, why we sometimes act irrationally and what motivates us to do what we do.
  • comprehend that it is stories that define us more than anything else.
  • structure their brand stories with a beginning, middle and an end.
  • expertly use copy, art, and code/tech coupled with relevant platforms to make their brand stories come alive.
  • create accessible characters that we can all relate to, feel pity,  fear and happiness for.
  • are masters of catharsism and manipulation of our emotions (in a good way!).
  • enable their audience to have experiences that makes them relate to their brand story.
  • know how to enable their audience to become the storytellers of their stories.

This is when exceptional brand storytellers gain full control over us and influence our purchase behavior.

Over to you…

The above list is by no means complete but it’s a good start. Do you want to help complete it?

What do you think makes for an exceptional brand storyteller? Share your thoughts below…

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