The Future of Sustainable Food, The Farmery

This isn’t the traditional article you would expect to see from me.

But it covers an important point. That point is to become sustainable. This idea of removing middle men, and the hidden costs, the inefficiency of the current farming model.

What I really want you to notice about this video, is that profit isn’t what his mission is. His mission is to create a effective farming model so that people can eat better, the environment is better off, as we are not taking up as much space.

The 3 takeaways
1. Be authentic
2. The video does not need to be polished. Look how fantastic, earthy, real this video looks. Its completely in line with the message, values and vision of The Farmery. Now go look at half a dozen commercials. How much doctoring, fake and dishonest do they look? They do not promote any of these takeaways.
3. Passion. This video shows an awesome, inspiring character who is passionate about what he is doing. Can 99.9% of commercials say that?


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