Coco Chanel: Masterful Storytelling in The Luxury Branding Industry

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On the heals of Angela Ahrendts’ departure from Burberry to Apple this week, I was inspired to write about another infamous fashion mogul, Coco Chanel.

In order to appreciate the brand, you need to understand the magnificent lady behind it.  You also need to understand how she viewed the world, the struggles she faced, and the humongous mountains she had to move to get herself and her brand (one and the same) to where it is today.

You see, Chanel is not just another luxury fashion brand. It’s a philosophy, a state of mind, a statement, a label, worn with pride to say to the world I’ve arrived,  ….

The (Coco) Chanel brand narrative is so powerful that you often see it quoted in social media…

The Chanel Brand Story

Chanel’s foray into brand storytelling is a good example of how luxury brands should advertise.  After all they’re not selling a product, they’re selling a lifestyle, they’re selling status and most importantly,  they’re selling heritage.

Heritage commands big bucks at the tills and this is exactly what Chanel have masterfully communicated with their story-styled ad.

Instead of recounting the story, I’ll leave you to watch how the ad folk over at Chanel narrate it;


Why this Story-Styled Advert Works

The main reason why this particular brand story works so well is because it ticks off all the elements of a good story.

First off, it starts with Once upon a time… brilliant!

It also has..

A Poweful Plot:  Woman out to change the face of fashion against all odds

Strong characters

  • Protagonist- Coco Chanel (also you)
  • Antagonist:  poverty/society

A Struggle – Against poverty and society’s fear of change and the unknown

A Resolution: Coco Chanel overcomes all odds and decides to continue on with the journey she started.

What I love most about the story, is its open narrative which maintains its relevance across generations (see sm quotes above)

Positive Reactions From The Public & Adland

Needless to say, the reactions and reviews from both consumers (millions of views and shares) and from “adland” are glowing …

Closing Thoughts…

As Chanel is often quoted, “Fashion passes, style remains.”

Style is the Chanel Story, the story continues…

Nicely done Chanel.   You’ve redeemed yourself 🙂


Over to you…

What do you think of the Chanel brand and their latest story-styled ad?  Share your views in the comments below or in our LinkedIn discussion group


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