Storytelling At Christmas: John Lewis’ Stories Of Giving

bear and hare advert john lewis

John Lewis have done it again this year; tugged at our heartstrings with a heart warming story of the bear and the hare. Watch…

The corner stone of the campaign is powerful: Experiencing Christmas for the very first time,  a feeling we can all relate to; Children and adults alike.

The story is about a bear who misses Christmas every year due to hibernation and is treated to his first by his best friend, the hare.

The use of hand drawn animation provides an aura of nostaligia strategically appealing to none other than Generation X’ers (yours truly!) who’ve grown up watching 2D disney animations and who have kids they want to buy Christmas presents for this year. Very effective!

Stories Of Giving

Over the years, John Lewis have successfully managed to own the lucrative theme of giving and masetrfully used the art of brand storytelling to drive footfall to their stores and to boost crucial Christmas sales.

The story of the bear and the hare is one of giving andwhat better way to convey a commercial message of buy for your loved ones than through an animated cartoon played to the background music of Lilly Allen’s haunting rendition of Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know”. Beautiful!

Transmedia Execution

The Bear and Hare story does not end with the video.  Instead, John Lewis invite you to experience Christmas in their stores with the bear and hare.  They invite you and your children to explore the bear caves, buy merchandise, take pictures and experience the feeling of giving first hand.

You can also follow the Bear and the Hare on Twitter or follow each of them individually: The Bear; The Hare

A quick look at their previous Christmas adverts shows a theme that runs through the vains of all their storied campaigns: Giving

John Lewis Christmas Ad – 2012

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Behind The Scenes Look – The Bear & The Hare

Over to you…

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