Your Customers Are Your Best Brand Storytellers. Empower Them.

BMW Brand Story - Screenshot at May 17 01-31-21

In this day and age and with the proliferation of brilliant self-publishing/broadcasting tools such as YouTube, WordPress, Twitter, etc.,  your customers are your best brand storytellers.

Your job as a brand manager is to empower and inspire them to tell and re-tell your brand stories.

It’s your job as brand guardian to provide your customers with the platform, both emotional and physical, to enable them to tell rivetting stories about your brand.

Case in point; this amazing and very touching BMW brand story involving a man, his son and the BMW bike that tied them together.  Watch…

With over 500K views and amazing comments, the above brand story as told by a BMW customer is way better than any 30 second spot MadAve could ever have conjured.  Don’t you agree?

BMW is not the only bike brand that understand this.  Harley Davidson is another one that inspires stories.  I wrote about them a while back here and provided some tips on how they can better enable their customers to tell their brand stories in this new age.  They listened.

The above are only a couple of examples of brands that inspire customer storytelling; there are many others, but hopefully you can start to see how essential it is for brand managers/advertising agencies to adopt techniques and strategies to empower customers to tell powerful, touching and a relatable brand stories.

I’ll leave you with this thought…

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”
– Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon

“What people say about you” is your brand story.

Over to you…

Do you empower your customers to tell your brand stories? Which brands inspire you to tell their stories?  Share below or via the discussion on our LinkedIn group…


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