Johnson’s Baby Middle East – The Grandparents Frame

Johnson's Baby Middle East - Grandparents Frame

Johnson’s Baby (Middle East) recently launched a campaign called “The Grandparents Frame“.

The idea (in a nutshell) revolves around an app that allows parents to send pictures of their kids to their parents (the grandparents).

The pictures would then be automatically added to a digital frame and updated whenever new pictures are sent via the app. The concept is brilliant, although quite complicated and a bit buggy.

Regardless, I was impressed with Johnson’s commitment to their core values and consistency with their brand story of caring for family and backing it up with an emotional platform and a visual storytelling utility that allows grandparents stay in touch with their grand kids and watch them grow.

According to the company:

JOHNSON’S® Baby has been helping to create indescribable moments between mother and baby for over 125 years. However families living in the Middle East tend to live far away from their parents making it hard to share these indescribable moments.

Many grandparents in the region are not familiar with technology which makes it hard for families who live away to share these moments.

The Grandparents Frame and App by JOHNSON’S® Baby helps you capture and instantly send indescribable moments to grandparents’ homes. It allows grandparents to witness these moments of your babies and children as they grow, connecting three generations.

The Grandparents Frame and App. Making distances smaller, bringing families closer.

With this campaign, Johnson’s masterfully tapped into one of the most important aspects of Middle East culture; family, and specifically, the grandparents connection.

They provided a utility to their consumers and became the platform -both emotional and physical- to tell real life stories about the one thing that matters the most to them, their kids; their “Johnson’s Baby” kids.  Brilliant!

Watch the video below and be prepared to get moved.  2.3 million views and counting. It’s in Arabic, but translated…

If you read the comments below the video you’ll get a feel why such campaigns are always winners.

Grandparents Frame Comment 1

Grandparents Frame Comment 2


When a brand taps into its customers’ emotions and provides a storytelling utility to support it, magic happens. Kudos are earned and the brand soars.

This is what Johnson’s Baby Middle East accomplished with the above campaign, and hats off to them for pulling it off.

Over to you…

What do you think of Johnson’s Grandparents Frame campaign?  Did it move you?  Share your thoughts below…


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