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Schon DSGN was recently submitted by one of our readers as a brand story worthy of note.  I can’t agree more.

Schon DSGN is based in Boston MA out of a small prototyping space where Ian Schon (founder) designs, engineers and produces products. The goal of Schon DSGN is to create heirloom quality products without compromises. This means using proper materials and going through rigorous finishing processes to ensure the highest level of craft makes it into the products. Each piece is inspected by hand before packaging and shipment.


The Story

After several years of engineering school, Ian SCHON started to develop a passion for product design. He challenged himself to design an everyday object that he would be able to fabricate himself, embarking on a mission to design a pen to be carried with him every day.

The Pen Project is Born

Between May 2012 to February 2013 Ian embarked on his journey.  He launched and completed a profitable Kickstarter campaign to fund his design and manufacturing project.

According to Ian Schon:

“I want to keep the project on the art side, not the business side. It’s not meant to scale or be a full-time job – it’s more a fun way for me to exercise this craft that I enjoy.”

Watch Ian’s Schon DSGN brand story:

The Personal Touch

The key element of the brand story is the personal touch the brand provides to its user.

All the pens are made of uncoated raw metals with the exception of the black anodized pen. The finishes on these raw metals will wear in over time and take on a patina based on how the user interacts with the pen.

All American

Another component of the Schon DSGN story is its loyalty to local suppliers.

All pens are American made and manufactured in small batches in Massachusetts. All machining, finishing and assembly is done within the state, while the ink is from Nevada and the Packaging is from Michigan.

According to the website:

“Schon DSGN is proud to offer 100% USA manufactured products. All products found on the site are small run batches of products manufactured locally in Massachusetts or in house.”

Over to you…

Are you inspired by Ian Schon and the Schon DSGN brand story?  Would you buy a pen from him based on his story?  Share your thoughts below…


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