Storytelling to Humanize Tech Brand – eBay “Thanks You” Campaign


How do you humanize tech platforms such as eBay or Google?  You tell the customer stories behind them.  

I’ve written quite a bit about brands that tell the stories of their customers to build up their own overarching story narrative (Arc); eBay does this really well.

In their popular “eBay Thanks you” campaign they tell the stories of various customers and why they use eBay.

This specific one is Ed Church’s story and how he used eBay to reunite with his first motor cycle; it choked me up a bit.


This type of brand storytelling is very effective because it humanizes the brand by providing a snapshot into the lives of eBay’s customers and how the platform is more than just a utility, it helps them fulfill life needs.

Another brand that does that really well is Google.  I wrote about one of their campaigns a while back. Read it here if you haven’t already.

Which other tech platforms tell stories to humanize their brand?  Share below…


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